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The AI for Wildlife Lab is a consortium of technologists and organizations applying AI for wildlife conservation. We pool resources, share knowledge and contribute to wildlife protection through organizing AI for Good Challenges.

Engineers in HQ looking at drone footage
March 5, 2021

AI for Wildlife Challenge 1

Using AI to help protect wildlife in South Africa. Developing an edge-ready computer vision model to detect poachers on thermal video streams on a fixed wing drone.
A rhino standing in the bush felt
September 14, 2021

AI for Wildlife Challenge 2

Creating a machine learning model for an on-edge detection of poachers on thermal video feed of a wildlife protection drone.
An image of elephants bathing with their babies
March 18, 2022

AI for Wildlife Challenge 3

AI for Wildlife 3 is bringing poacher-detecting ML models into production on a wildlife protection drone. In the third challenge of the AI for Wildlife series we’ll be focusing on the elusive concept of MLOps.

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Advancing preservation of biodiversity with the help of AI

Labs by FruitPunch AI build a community of AI engineers with an ecosystem of partners around a specific topic and technology. AI for Wildlife Lab bundles the experience from all challenges into resources for machine learning projects zooming in on biodiversity protection. It helps its members and partners to strengthen their network with other organizations operating in the niche. AI for Wildlife Lab fosters thought leadership and spreads awareness around UN Sustainable Development Goal 15: Life on Land.

AI Tech in Focus

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Computer Vision

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Anomaly Detection

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Edge Computing

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Tiny ML

Multiplying Engineering Skills and Effort for Biodiversity

The mission of the AI for Wildlife Lab is to pool resources, share knowledge and empower the community for wildlife protection. Its goal is to generate a constant stream of AI for Good Challenges for our community to solve and foster a wide adoption of their results. To get the most out of the combined engineering effort, we will focus on specific technology here - computer vision, anomaly detection, edge computing and tiny ML.

A picture of a Elephant and a Rhino, with Computer Vision, Anomaly Detection, Edge Computing and Tiny ML icons behind them

AI for Wildlife Ecosystem of Partners

AI for Wildlife Engineers

Individual engineers who collaborate in the AI for Wildlife Challenges

Challenge Partners

Impact organizations and experts applying the results of the AI for Wildlife Challenges

Contributing Partners

Use their teams, expertise and resources to advance AI for Wildlife Lab & Challenges

Community Partners

Use their reach to spread the AI for Good news, advocate for AI for Good Lab & Challenges

We get some machine learning work done

  • Detect poachers on thermal images on a fixed wing drone
  • Do a wildlife sensus on 4k low light RGB aerial footage
  • Find patterns in poacher trace reports
  • Detect poachers on camera traps
  • Identify elephants by their distinctive sounds
  • Predict elephant migration base on collar GPS data
  • Automated operation of big game gates near wildlife reserves

UN Sustainable Development Goal 15: Life on Land

Protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, and halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss.









Find out more about Goal 15
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