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What does an AI for Good Challenge mean?
An AI for Good Challenge is a 10-week-long project where we solve real-world data problems with AI. Each Challenge has to meet our AI for Good criteria:

- The problem addresses one of the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals.
- The Challenge involves a stakeholder that has a direct advantage of the Challenge results.
What does an AI for Good Challenge timeline look like?
Every AI for Good Challenge takes about 10 weeks time. After you set your personal learning goals with your mentor and/or you've been accepted to the Challenge you start with 2 weeks of Masterclasses & Research to get the essential theory.

Then it's time to put theory into practice! We start experimenting with various solutions until we have found the most promising path to take. For the rest of the Challenge we work on implementing that solution and documenting the progress.

After completing a Challenge a peer assessment will take place which accredits your new professional skills. Based on the assessment and the evaluation with your mentor you'll get certified.

If you're curious about a specific time line of a Challenge, please visit the Challenge page of your choice.

I do not operate in the field of AI (Engineering), can I start a Challenge as well?
Yes you can! Next to AI and software engineers we need various talents to solve a Challenge. We need challenge-specific domain experts (wind energy, predictive maintenance, remote sensing, etc.), great communicators and storytellers, coordinators and project & product managers.
What does it cost to participate in a Challenge and achieve my Learning Goals?
Our pricing starts at €249 and includes peer-to-peer mentorship for 12 weeks. Within these 12 weeks you will be mentored towards your personal learning goal and participate in one AI for Good Challenge.

Our €499 pricing plan allows you to participate in unlimited AI for Good Challenges for the duration of one year, including personal 1-on-1 mentorship.
Can I participate in a Challenge for free?
There will always be a number of seats freely available for experts. While we receive a high volume of sign-ups, our goal is to create a valuable educational experience for everyone involved. Therefore we've got limited seats reserved for engineers who bring an exceptional skillset to the table and can mentor junior AI specialists.

If you want to join as an expert we'll determine, based on your current skillset, whether you will be accepted to the Challenge.

Is it possible to start a Challenge with colleagues to form a team?
Yes you can. A lot of companies choose FruitPunch AI to educate their employees on new and exciting AI technologies. Our enterprise offering allows subscribing in teams so let's get in touch!
How much time do I need to invest if I participate in a Challenge?
4-8 hours a week over 10 weeks.
How many people are accepted for a Challenge?
For each challenge, we organize a group of up to 30 AI engineers to address the issue and come up with a production-ready AI in 10-weeks time. It’s worth noting that participants that are following a paid plan receive priority to join a Challenge.
Do I get a certificate after completing a Challenge?
Yes you do! If you're on the paid plan you'll get an official FruitPunch certificate that accreditate the specific skills you showed and excelled at during the Challenge. Once awarded you can connect this to your LinkedIn to show the world what you can do.


What does the mentorship track enholds?
We start with an onboarding and mentorship call where an AI expert assesses your current skill level, your learning goals and plots your personalized learning journey. Then they find the perfect bootcamp modules and challenge role for you for optimal learning.

Over the course of 12 weeks you’ll take part in predetermined mentoring moments in the stakeholder and subteam meetings and you'll receive personal support on whatever you’re working on any time through our platform.

By the end your mentor (next to your team and the challenge stakeholder) assesses your progress on your learning goals and accredits the skills you were training in the form of a personal recommendation and certificate. In the case of a year subscription there’s a monthly mentoring call next to the support based on the challenge to discuss progress on your long term learning goals.
What will I learn in the 12 weeks?
This depends on your current skill level and your learning goal, but we have a variety of specializations like MLOps engineer, ML Engineer, Data Engineer, Product Owner - over the course of the 12 weeks you’ll gain all the core skills needed to perform in one of these jobs.
How much time does mentorship cost per week?
We recommend 4 hours per week, but you’ll be able to make optimal use of the mentoring and learning challenge if you spend 8 hours.
How much of practical knowledge on AI implementation through this training would I be able to gain?
Past participants say they’ve gained an average of 2.5 points on a scale of 0 (no knowledge of AI) to 10 (absolute AI expert). So for example: if you start with basic Python and data science skills, you’ll be able to learn enough in a challenge to implement AI in the real world by the end.
Can this mentorship track help me land a job in AI?
Yes. There’s a couple of reasons for our confidence:

1) Once you have completed a challenge with us you’ll have a portfolio project with a real world client, which you will be able to show to a potential employer. This is the strongest proof point that you know what you’re doing, more so even than a MSc degree for example.

2) Our method of challenge-based learning with mentoring gives you real world AI skills, necessary to implement AI. By the end you’ll be accredited in these skills as well.

3) We’ve seen many engineers participate in our challenges and then land jobs at either our challenge partners or other companies. Plus, we’ve even hired people ourselves from our own challenges :)


What payment methods do you accept?
We accept the following payment methods:
Can I pay by invoice?
Yes you sure can. Please send an email to
Is it possible to change the billing address so I can use the self-deployment budget from my employer?
Yes, definitely! Please send an email to


What is FruitPunch AI?
FruitPunch AI is a Challenge Based AI education platform where engineers can develop their AI skills while making an impact. All in the name to fill the global need for AI talent with real-world skills and bring #AI4Good to scale to solve humanity's greatest challenges like protecting our biodiversity, fighting climate change and improving healthcare and wellbeing.
Who is behind FruitPunch AI?
FruitPunch AI is a Dutch start-up (co)founded by Buster Franken and Sako Arts and is funded by renowned impact investors Shamrock Ventures and LUMO Labs. If you want to know more about the company, vision and team visit About us.

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