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AI for Nepali Farmers

Empowering Nepali farmers: Revolutionizing loan management with AI-enabled data digitization


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AI for Nepali Farmers aims to revolutionize agricultural cooperatives in Nepal by digitizing farmer loan records. Currently reliant on paper-based systems, these records are challenging to manage and analyze. Our project leverages optical character recognition (OCR) technology to extract information from loan contracts written in the Nepali language, using the Devanagari script. This will enable the translation of Nepali text into English, providing cooperatives and farmers with tools to better understand, manage, and monetize their data.

Context of the Problem

In Nepal, managing agricultural data is a significant challenge due to the reliance on paper-based systems. This limitation hampers the ability of cooperatives and farmers to make informed decisions and leverage their data for better financial and agricultural outcomes.

The digitization of these records is not just a step towards modernization but also a means to empower farmers with data-driven insights. This leads to more sustainable agricultural practices and financial stability.

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March 10, 2024
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