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Fruitpunch AI is a peer-to-peer learning platform for AI. Train your AI skills by solving real world challenges, mentored by experts
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Join expert mentored ai courses and learn to apply ai & ml by solving real world challenges. When signing up with our peer-to-peer learning solution users get access to ai ml bootcamps, practise courses and impact challenges such as Ai for Impact Assessment, AI for Seals an AI against Toxic Clouds.

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Top 5 most picked Specialisations:

MLOps Engineer

Data Engineer

ML Engineer

Product Owner

Object Detection Engineer

All learning tracks are provided for Junior, Advanced & Expert users

An overview of the learning gaols that can be achieved with Fruitpunch AI. The five goals are becoming an ML Ops Engineer, ML Engineer, Data Engineer, Product Owner & Scrum Master. Fruitpunch ai is a online learning platform for ai & ml. We allow users to upskill in ai and build datascience portfolios.

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Don’t just take our word for it

Hear from some of our community.

Robi Beninca

Challenge Participant

I’ve learned how to apply my theoretical AI knowledge to a real-world problem

Aisha Kala

Challenge Participant

Each challenge provides me with the opportunity to learn & grow as well as apply my mind to solve complex problems, gain confidence in my abilities and interact with incredible people from around the globe.

AI for Good Engineer

Jenna Hurlow

Chapter Member

FruitPunch AI provides the opportunity to learn fascinating hands on machine learning while also helping the community I care about. Being a part of the SA chapter is so exciting!

FruitPunch AI - South Africa Chapter

Kamal Eldin

Challenge Participant

I’m industry oriented and know how difficult it is to make AI work in the real world. Seeing the technology in practical use for a good cause is incredibly rewarding.

AI for Good Engineer

Yohan Runhaar

Challenge Partner

As a startup we lacked the capacity to develop our AI project. Thanks to the AI for Good community, we were blessed with an enthusiastic team of AI experts that helped us develop a working solution.

Reef Support

Joppe Massant

Teambuilding & Upskilling Partner

Our team was very energized to take on a project which could have an actual positive impact on the planet!


Martijn Beeks

Teambuilding & Upskilling Partner

Participating in the AI for Good Challenges helped our team members acquire new skills and help the green energy transition.


Jullieta Millán

Challenge Participant

I learned a lot and had a great time mixing two of my biggest passions - biology and AI for Good.

AI for Good Engineer

Jayesh Kenaudekar

Challenge Participant

The Challenge gave me a fantastic opportunity to use my AI skills for good to solve a real world problem.

AI for Good Engineer

Jesse van Kempen

Challenge Partner

We came into contact with the AI for Good Community through their appealing challenge based learning approach. They helped us turning an idea into a solution that is actually applicable!


Bram Volbeda

Project Manager

FruitPunch AI enabled me to engage with renowned organisations and actually start making a real-world impact. I am incredibly proud of what we were able to achieve together with our team!

AI for Good Engineer

Yasemin Yasarol

Project Manager

It was the perfect opportunity to see the real life applications of AI with people who are passionate to make an innovative impact on healthcare!

FruitPunch AI - Eindhoven Chapter

Micha van den Herik


Applying AI for Good is the key for a more sustainable world.

AI for Good Ambassador


Got a question? We're here to answer!

What does an AI for Good Challenge mean?

We work on data projects of impact organizations to solve them with AI. All our challenge have to meet the AI for Good criteria - address one of the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

I do not operate in the field of AI (Engineering), can I start an AI Hero's Journey as well?

Yes you can! Next to AI and software engineers we need various talents to solve a Challenge. We need challenge-specific domain experts (wind energy, predictive maintenance, remote sensing, etc.), great communicators and storytellers, coordinators and project & product managers.

Can I start an AI Hero's Journey for free?

Our prices are fixed, but our Hero Journeys are possibly eligible for self-development budget. So if you’re willing to enroll, but don’t have the budget yourself, it is best to inquire at your employer.

My employer provides self-deloyment budget, can I use this for the AI Hero's Journey?

You sure can! The Hero’s Journey is an educational track for which you will be certified so it is likely eligible for this budget. If you’d like to have more info to send to your employer you dan request an information deck here.

Can I still join a AI for Good Challenge for free?

Absolutely, you can still apply for our Challenges for free! However, to ensure the best learning experience, we limit each challenge to a select group of participants. While we receive a high volume of sign-ups, our goal is to create a valuable educational experience for everyone involved. It’s worth noting that participants that are following a Hero’s Journey receive priority to join a Challenge.

Is it possible to start a Hero's Journey with colleagues to form a team?

Yes you can. A lot of companies choose FruitPunch AI to educate their empoyees on new and exciting AI technologies. Our enterprise offering allows subscribing in teams so let's get in touch!

How much time do I need to invest if I participate in a Challenge?

4-8 hours a week over 10 weeks.

How many people are accepted for a Challenge?

For each challenge we organize a group up to 30 AI engineers to address the issue and come up with a production-ready AI in 10-weeks time.

Do I get a certificate after completing a challenge and/or Hero's Journey?

Yes you do! You'll get an official FruitPunch certificate that accreditate the specific skills you showed and excelled at during the Challenge. Once awarded you can connect this to your LinkedIn to show the world what you can do.

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